About us

Company Profile

ESEEKGO was founded by Shenzhen Shidai Technology Co., Limited and Hong Kong Skylet Technology Co., Limited since 2014, and professionally engaged in 3C electronics industry such as mobile phone charger and car charger, data cable, screen protector, smart watch cover and band, and other electronic products development, production and sales. As a leading 3C brand, we have a self-owned factory located in Dongguan, covering an area of 5000 square meters and have obtained ISO9001 certification.


Brand Story

In 2013, when smart phones started and developed rapidly, Jasper, born in Chaoshan, had a keen sense of smell and followed the trend of the times to come to Shenzhen alone. He combined his professional knowledge and believed that only a good brand can create good products, so the following year, in 2014, he created his first brand ESEEKGO.

The initial letter E in ESEEKGO represents electronics, energy, and economics. Technological progress and energy consumption are constantly promoting economic development, and our pace cannot stop. What we can do is continue to research and develop new technologies, reduce energy consumption as much as possible, and achieve sustainable development.

Easy to SEEK a new lifestyle, just GO!


Our Team

Our designers are a team with rich experience and common ideals and passions. The team is composed of brand visual designers, product designers, Graphic designer, etc., and we are committed to creating products that conform to our brand philosophy: innovative, fashionable, and valuable. ESEEKGO aspires to be the leader of mobile phones, watches, computers and peripheral electronic products.